How Big is an Aby
Written by Karen Katzen   
Tuesday, 14 February 2012

An Abyssinian is just a bit smaller than the "average" cat. Not much help, right? 

So, how big is the "average" cat?  If we consider all domestic breeds, both male and female, altered and intact, from the smallest to the largest, the "average" cat weighs eight pounds.

If that seems small to you, then you've probably either had a cat with Maine Coon blood in it, are accustomed to an over wt alter, or you are vulnerable to stories about that "big fish" that someone caught. Cat stories 'grow', just as fish stories do. On the other hand, as we all know, animals DO gain wt after being alterered, (regardless of what our Vets tell us), thus their wt should be controled after altering. 

Few people realize what 'a pound' of fat really looks like. It's about the size of a large mans fist. Not much on a human, but something worth considering on a small creature like a cat. So, a half pound, plus or minus can be a lot in the cat world. 

My Aby girls average about seven to eight lbs.  My males average from eight and 1/2  to nine and 1/2 lbs.  Over the 30 yrs plus that I've had Abys, I've watched as the breed has slowly become smaller. This is understandable since cats with long fine bones are in deed very strking! Cats with fine bones often place the best in the show ring. However, this inherently poses a problem. Without the larger boned, less striking cats in the mix, a breed inevitably becomes smaller.  To offset this problem of evolution, I try to keep a few larger boned cats in the line.

While on the subject of size, I'd like to make another point for those that enjoy the photos on our Aby websites.  Photos are tricky, when it comes to size. At about 10 to 12 weeks, an Aby goes through a major transformation as it loses it's fluffy baby coat. All slicked off, it quite suddenly takes on the look of a true Aby. In real life, we see this in relation to it's actual size.  However, the camera only sees the lines of an Aby, rather than size. A kitten will often appear much older than it really is, unless there's something in the shot by which to gauge it's true size. Just something to keep this in mind when looking at pictures.