When is an Aby kitten ready to go?
Written by Karen Katzen   
Saturday, 01 December 2007

Not all kittens are alike, as are new homes. So this is always up to the individual kitten and it's new home.  But generaly speaking, between 10 and 14 weeks of age. (Although, males are often the first ones ready to go.)

Here, I really feel the need to warn people about taking on kittens at only 8 weeks old, as are sometimes offered. That is, unless you feel it is a "rescue" situation and you are both knowledgeable and equiped to handle an at risk kitten.  While it is true that "bonding" needs to happen early, the bonding needed is to humans in general, not to one specific human. A kitten is far better off remaining in it's original home, learning from it's mother and siblings and trust of the human touch, rather than being seporated from all this too early... that is... as long as this human touch is being offered!!!  If no such touch is being offered, then it is a "rescue" case!  Then, please, by all means, "rescue" it!

The best age for kitten placement depends on many factors. First, is this individual kitten ready, then "ready for what?"  While I might place a 10 week old male with a retired couple, I might not place that same kitten at 10 weeks in a home with young children. This boy may need a few more weeks to muster up to such a wonderful new adventure!

I place each kitten individually, as each kitten shows me it's readiness to go.  This is always per kitten and individual home.  But never before 10 weeks for the boys and usually 12 weeks for the girls. 

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