Is an Abyssinian a good "Lap Cat"?
Written by Karen Katzen   
Wednesday, 12 September 2007

This is my most frequently asked question.  This question is often confused with whether an Aby is "affectionate" or not.

While an Aby may not choose to simply lie in a fetal postion in ones lap, hour after hour, never was there a breed of cat more affectionate!

For example: An Aby is smart enough to realize that if you are only sitting, chances are good that you will soon be  standing, so why get too comfy?  While on the other hand, if you're stretched out on the sofa for that TV show, chances are better that you're gonna stay put for a bit and thus you'l soon find your Aby warmly snuggled up in the crook of your arm.  So, "lap cat?"f Maybe not so much. But "affectionate?" Extremely!

 Rather than describing  Abys as a lap cats, I describe them as being "face kitties".  They are born knowing that we live in our  eyes rather than in our feet. Early on, they begin trying to figure out how to get from our feet to our eyes.  Abys seek out eye contact for long gazing fests with the ones they love.  They take every opportunity afforded them for  "nose rubs" or being snuggled around ones face, neck and shoulders.  Being light weight with exceptional balance, some even become talented "riders", riding about on a willing pair of shoulders, with never a claw extended for gripping.