What are some typical Abyssinian personality traits?
Written by Karen Katzen   
Sunday, 16 April 2006

An Aby is very interactive with it's owners, including children and other pets such as dogs.   They are apt to follow you from room to room, showing great interest in the details  of what you are doing.  While they won't pester you with constant or loud vocalizations, they may try to help you with any hands on projects, such as sewing, writing or keyboard tasks.  (when you've finally had enough help, they quickly learn that a tiny puff of air to the face means "it's time for you to go do something else for awhile.")

Abyssinians are know for their love of high places, as though being born with wings. It's not that uncommon to find one resting quite comfortably atop the narrow edge of an open door, if there is something near by from which to access it. Their favorite perspective on life, would be that of looking down at the world about them. Thus, tall cat trees are among their favorite things. The taller, the better!  The down side to this trait is that it can be difficult keeping them off things where not wanted. But inspite of this, they are worth it, even including the amazment one feels after looking for the kitty, only to find him asleep atop a door! After all, who looks for a cat up there?

To an Abyssinian there's no such thing as the 'wrong time' when ever you'd like to play, or share affections with him. This is a life long trait in an Aby.  My oldest Aby was still playful right up until he passed away at just over 21 years old!  (by the way, some of my current Abys are still closely related to him, bringing with them some wonderful longevity.)  





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